Unlike most powder coating operations, total coatings provides all services at 1 location. We use a 3 stage wash system, sand blast, we also meet any needs such as zinc rich primer or epoxys ect. Pick up and delivery available


Powder coatings are being applied on thousands of products, and the list is continually growing. Locally, the farm implement industry is a major user, as powder coatings have been proven to be durable enough to handle the extreme conditions where these implements are used. Also the custom steel fabrication industry is a growing user of powder coatings because of the variety and attractiveness of available finishes...

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Areas of Expertise

We are able to process large and small products, in a variety of material substrates. We currently stock over 400 colours with a variety of gloss levels and textures available. We also have access to thousands of additional finishes to meet virtually any need...

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Target Market

We are able to work with a variety of products. Read more for a list...

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